Brandi Rhodes: 'Sammy Guevara Winked At Me When Introducing Himself To Me At His WWE Tryout'

Brandi Rhodes tells a story of a young, very brash Sammy Guevara at a WWE tryout.

During the "Inside The Rhodes" Starrcast show,  Brandi Rhodes tells of her first encounter with Sammy Guevara of Chris Jericho's Inner Circle

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Brandi says she was asked by Justin Roberts if she had ever heard Sammy tell the story of his WWE tryout. At first, Brandi was dismissive until something Justin said triggered a memory and she realized that she had met Sammy that day and they had a brief, albeit infuriating (for Brandi), interaction. 

"I went and found Sammy. And I said, 'Hey, Sammy, you had a WWE tryout. Was I working there when you did?'" she started. "And he said, 'yeah.' And I said, 'did we meet backstage when you did it?' He said, 'oh, yeah.' I said, 'and I shook your hand, right?' And he said, 'yeah.' And I said, 'and then what did you do? And he was like, oh, I shook your hand. I said, 'no, you winked at me and you offended the hell out of me!'"

Brandi reveals that this interaction upset her for quite some time, although Sammy tried to say he was unaware of her marital status at the time.

"I remember, to this day, I was so pissed about that," she continued. "Because why on earth would you just wink at the married lady backstage when you're this up-and-coming guy? Like, I was so pissed. I talked to so many people about it. I was like. I mean, I shouldn't be pissed about this, right. But I'm really pissed. And so I was like, literally, you came up to me, did this. And he's like, 'I'm so sorry. You know, I probably did. And I didn't know, like at that point in time, I didn't know that you were married.' And I'm like, 'bullshit, dude. You just did that.' That makes perfect sense, though, if you anything about Sammy Guevara."

Now, Brandi's husband is Sammy's boss. In fact, Cody defeated Sammy in the very first match ever on an episode of AEW Dynamite.

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