Braun Strowman Consumes 15,000 Calories A Day, Most Of Them At Chipotle

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Braun Strowman's Diet Consists Of

Braun Strowman is a really big dude.

Listed at 6'8" and 385 ell-bees, he's a hoss and a half.  

And he needs fuel for that machine--lots of it. Speaking in an interview with the New York Stock Exchange YouTube channel (don't ask), he said: 

"When I'm not flipping ambulances I'm in the gym stacking plates and banging weights. I eat 15,000 calories a day just to be able to feed the monster. It takes a lot to run almost a 400 pound frame. As far as training goes, sometimes I just go out into the woods and I beat trees down with my bare hands."

Let's ignore for a moment that he goes out into the woods and "BEATS TREES DOWN WITH HIS BARE HANDS." I mean, we already know that he likes to murder forests in his spare time.

Old news.

No, let's focus on the FIFTEEN THOUSAND CALORIES he needs just to keep moving.

That's a whole lot of KFC two-pieces.

Just to give you an idea ...

That's about 9,500 calories.

I think.

My math might be off.

But still.

What does Braun eat to get the 15,000 calorie mark?

10 large pizzas?

25 double cheeseburgers?

182 lean chicken breasts?

A whole cow? 

Well, kind of.

According to a different interview with Inside the Ropes, Braun fills out his menu (and his belly) at Chipotle, six days a week, every week, and he's got a very specific, very expensive order.

"It's my guilty pleasure, even though I'm trying to get Chipotle to sponsor me, because I spend $150 a week in there. It's $25 dollars for every bowl. It's three scoops of steak, two scoops of chicken, double guacamole, cheese, sour cream, and corn."

I mean, I'm a big dude myself, and I love Chipotle as much as the next three guys, but even I don't think I could pack away an order like that even once without my gallbladder declaring mutiny on my whole body and keeling over into a very literal food coma.

But that's why Braun is so special.

Well, that and his ability to flip over ambulances.

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