Braun Strowman Is A Giant Success For Monday's Raw Youtube Rankings (4/17): Jeff Hardy, Ambrose, Miz Excel

The ring break worked. 

Braun Strowman was a giant success on Monday Night Raw, with his three Raw segments averaging 1.75 million Youtube views -- almost unheard of for a show-long storyline. That wasn't the only success story on the program, as Jeff Hardy vs. Cesaro landed at over a million Youtube views, and Miz TV with Dean Ambrose hitting 900k.

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The Strowman views are particularly impressive because it's become a common theme. While not one day totals like mentioned above, he drew 7.83 million for his attack on Reigns, 1.93 million for his contract signing with Roman, 4.22 million for a face off with Brock Lesnar, 2.62 million against Big Show in February, another 3.91 million against Show in February 2016, 2.06 million against Ambrose, 2.04 million against Kevin Owens, 1.74 million against Reigns,  1.68 million against Mark Henry, 1.29 million for a handicap match. This is just barely scratching the surface.

Below are the WWE Youtube rankings as of 4:30 PM EST.


  1. Braun Strowman vs. Big Show (2,743,747)
  2. Jeff Hardy vs. Cesaro (1,027,647)
  3. Kurt Angle confronts Braun (1,585,342)
  4. Strowman lays waste to superstars (925,139)
  5. Miz TV with Dean Ambrose (904,756)
  6. Cesaro & Sheamus welcome back the Hardy Boyz (624,371)
  7. Chris Jericho vs. Samoa Joe (560,742)
  8. Finn Balor vs. Curt Hawkins (544,611)
  9. Women's Fatal Four Way (539,190)
  10. Enzo & Cass vs. Gallows & Anderson (339,682)
  11. TJP vs. Gallagher (249,866)
  12. Jericho adds to the list (315,702)
  13. Bray Wyatt speaks (233,222)
  14. Titus pitches Crews (194,257)
  15. Emma torments Dana Brooke (181,104)
  16. Dule Hill appears on Raw (75,317)


  1. Big Show exits after ring break (1,398,959)
  2. John Cone gets treatment (455,222)
  3. Alexa taking over Raw (123,082)
  4. Dule Hill at Raw (44,171)
  5. Austin Aries speaks (41,628)
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