Braun Strowman's Sister Is Also A Giant

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So a while back I brought you the story of Braun Strowman's father, a mountain of a man who went by the nickname of "Crusher" and who was the greatest slow-pitch softball player of all time.

It's true. Look it up.

He stood 6'5" and weighed 320.

He was massive.

And it looks like Braun wasn't the only one of his offspring who got the Massive gene.

Here is a picture of Braun with his baby sister.

Now that seems innocuous. Just a picture of a man and his sister until you realize that Braun is 6-8 in his boots and the woman next to him can't be more than 4 inches shorter than him. And I don't suspect she's wearing heels. Not with that outfit. (No shade. Have you seen me on the podcasts? I live in T-Shirts and Hoodies.)

So that makes her, what? 6-4 or 6-5 easy?

Nobody tell Vince. He might get ideas for a brother-sister tag team.

And now I just got ideas.

Now, her real name is Hannah Scherr, but we all know that's never gonna fly with Vince.

So her ring name would be Brenda. Brenda Strowman.

Or Andrea. So they could call her Andrea The Giant.

And their tag team name would be "FLESH AND BLOOD" or "THICKER THAN WATER" or something to that effect.

Hell, if she learns as fast as her brother, she could be Women's Champ by the spring of 2019.

And they could build her up as an unbeatable monster just so Charlotte Flair can win her 17th Women's Title from her at WrestleMania 35.

Seriously. No one show that last sentence to Vince. He might actually do that.

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