Braxton Sutter Says He Has The Worst Name Ever

Braxton Sutter has seen his stock rise by leaps and bounds over the past year since joining Impact Wrestling on a full-time basis.

He has been involved in one of the company's largest storylines of the last few months with his partner Allie and former on-screen girlfriend Laurel Van Ness all while using a name that many don't associate with that of "superstar".

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"I was just thinking about it the other day," Sutter said about the names he's used during his career. "To put myself over a little bit, I've done okay with two of the worst names in pro wrestling history: Pepper Parks and Braxton Sutter.”

Sutter knows though, that a name doesn't make or break a talent. A talent can overcome the name he or she is given if the ability both in the ring and on the mic are there. As an example of that exact point, Sutter used current WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler who first went by the name Nicky as a member of the Spirit Squad back in 2006.

"When they gave me the Braxton Sutter name, I remember Curt Hawkins saying to me, “Dude, I knew Dolph Ziggler as Nick Nemeth for years", he remarked. "He said he'd never call him (Ziggler) that ever. Within a year, he was calling him Dolph."

Sutter then recalled something he heard Chris Jericho say in the past about names. Jericho once used Def Leppard as an example about names, stating that it's one of the "stupidest" names for a band ever, but look at how big they became.

"The name only goes so far," he added. "If the talent's there (the sky's the limit)."

How a character is portrayed is also a big way to get over despite a name that doesn't come across as memorable. And while some wrestlers prefer to be either a babyface or heel, Sutter feels a sense of gratification in the fact that he has the ability to play on both sides of the fence.

“That's always one thing I've prided myself on," he said. "I've been able to do both, but it depends on the scenario. There are certain shows, like Smash Wrestling in Toronto, where I like being heel in front of those rabid crowds; the smart-markish kind of shows. Shows like ESW (Empire State Wrestling) in my hometown, being a babyface is awesome."

Sutter and the rest of the Impact Wrestling roster recently flew to India for a set of television tapings ahead of the company's Slammiversary Pay-Per-View on July 2 from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

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