Breezango On Being Put Together As A Tag Team, Longevity In The Wrestling Business

They were put together on a whim, but Breezango are taking the ball they were given and have been running with it for a while now.

The team sat down with Real Sport where they talked about their start as a tag team. To them, it just kind of happened one day, but ever since then they've been having fun.

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Tyler Breeze: It’s a feeling out process. This especially was one of those things where we weren’t doing too much and they just said “here’s an opportunity,” which, any opportunity that comes around you have to make the most of it. You don’t know when the next one will come. The thing with our roster is that it’s so talented, and we have the depth where if you’re not going to make the most of those minutes you get on TV, somebody else will. So we had a couple of ideas that turned into fun and all of a sudden we’re having a blast, people are having a blast watching, and it just turned into something we didn’t even see coming.

Fandango: I think we’ve obviously had segments and wrestling matches on Raw and SmackDown just being single competitors, but I think doing the Fashion Files weekly right now brings a different entity to the SmackDown show. It’s something different, it’s comedic relief between matches, so it’s kind of something that separates us from the rest of the roster. It’s bringing something different to SmackDown every week, and we take pride in making these skits as funny as possible every week. We really take it seriously.

 Nothing lasts forever, however. When it comes to staying together and finding longevity as a tag team, Fandango says the key is to be consistent.

Fandango: [Laughs] Yeah, stay under the radar and do just enough to get by. No, it’s like anything man, if you love being in a band and you want to be a rock star, or you love acting, or you love pro wrestling, the times are going to get tough, and it’s the people who really love what they’re doing that stick it out through when you’re performing in front of 10 people in a crappy auditorium after driving ten hours through a snowstorm. Those are the times you get through if you really love what you do. 

RS: So it’s keeping that passion alive, no matter what.

Fandango: Yeah man. And eventually the payoff is getting in video games and seeing yourself as an action figure. Look, like anything else, it’s the people that get into something just to be famous or make money that don’t stick through the hard times, and you can tell. So yeah, it’s surreal to come here and see yourself in a video game, or getting to meet cool people like Tyler and do cool stuff on TV. It’s the payoff for all those hard nights on the road.

 Breezango have been teaming since last May, when Breeze turned on R-Truth, and Fandango turned on Goldust, causing them to form teams to take on one another.

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