Breezango Says The Writers Loved The Twin Peaks Inspired Episode Of The Fashion Files

When it comes to the Fashion Files, Breezango are just being themselves.

The duo recently spoke to Real Sport, where they talked about the concept behind their recent Fashion Files segments, as well as the idea behind them:

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Fandango: You can see when people are trying to be funny, and it’s very transparent. And just me being a hilarious dude in real life, and Breeze being semi-funny, it really comes through. But I think, like, when we’re getting ready to film the Fashion Files every week, we’re just two dudes having fun backstage. And it’s not overly micromanaged, where we have to perfectly hit everything on the script. It’s pretty much us getting some material and just having fun with it and trying to make it our own. I think it really comes across as us just having a good time.

Most Fashion Files skits have lampooned popular television and movie shows, such as Walker: Texas Ranger, the X-Files and Pulp Fiction. WWE's writers, however, loved the another parody Twin Peaks:

Tyler Breeze: By the way, our writers loved it. They said “thank you so much, we can just retire now that we’ve done a Twin Peaks parody.” I’m telling you man, they loved it. And that’s been the theme; every week we’re going, “okay, what’s next, what’s next?” Then as we’re doing it more stuff pops up, and it’s just a room full of people laughing our heads off at ourselves, so it’s fun.

So you know what’s kind of been funny is, along the way, you can read something and you don’t know how it’s going to translate. But we’ve been lucky in that I can sense comedy, Dango can sense comedy, and if we’re going through it and laughing to ourselves, we have to assume that there’s at least a couple other people laughing. And if we don’t feel it they probably won’t feel it either. And I think we’re in a special area where everyone likes being a part of it, everyone want so get their hands in it, so being taken seriously can come across that way. 

In storyline, Breezango have been trying to solve a mystery with the (unwanted) help from the Ascension, but that aspect of the storyline hasn't really gone anywhere in recent weeks, though as the Ascension said this past week on Smackdown, it might be none other than the Buldgeon Brothers. 

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