Bret Hart Hates Long Promos In WWE

A lot of fans are not exactly happy with the fact that people talk too much during WWE programming. Some of those also include for WWE World Champions.

Former WWE Champion Bret "The Hitman" recently had an interview with Forbes that he does not care at all for long promos and tunes them out. Usually the first segment of Monday Night RAW is a promo that goes for about 10-15 minutes long, and the WWE Hall of Famer Hart doesn't think too much of it.

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“If you watch wrestling like I do, you watch for the wrestling," Hart said. "There’s so much talking. There’s some ‘twit’ back there with a pencil behind his ear writing down all these things for wrestlers to say…It all starts to sound the same…I switch channels as soon as I hear someone going into a big monologue.”

He’s also not a fan of the material in the promos to begin with. He said that wrestlers are subject to the writer’s whim and they are usually inconsistent with what they want the superstar to say when the cameras start rolling.

“Somebody writes down a bunch of lousy things for you to say and it comes across flat, it’s not your fault," Hart said. "They come up to you at six and say it’s all changed. Here’s this, you gotta remember this now.”

You can listen to the interview, which has been separated into multiple parts, here.

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