Bret Hart Says He's Had Dreams About Facing Someone

Bret Hart had a heartbreaking year from 1999 to 2000, as he lost a brother, and his career.

Hart, regarded as one of the best wrestlers of all-time was forced to hang it up following issues with concussions. However, as he told to Sports Illustrated, there's another wrestler -- now in his twilight -- he always wanted to face. He's even dreamed of it.

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"Since retiring, there's only been one time I actually dreamed about wrestling. In my dream, I was wrestling against Kurt Angle. I had him clamped in a headlock. I was breathing hard and I remember telling myself: 'This is only a dream, it's not real.' But the longer I held Kurt in a headlock, I started to believe it was real. I focused on a square inch of fabric on the canvas and studied it. In my dream, I remember feeling this excitement telling myself that this was real, that I hadĀ Kurt AngleĀ in a side headlock somewhere. Then, seconds later, I simply woke up. It was a dream. It would've been pretty cool for me to have that one chance to wrestle Kurt Angle one time," said Hart.

As Christmas approaches, the WWE Hall of Famer remembers his brother Owen.

"Whenever I discuss my family, I inevitably think of my brother Owen. People still love hearing Owen stories. Owen had an amazing sense of humor, and people miss that about him more than anything, but I miss his kindness. He was masterful at pulling pranks on people. Jokes are all about timing, and Owen had impeccable timing and the delivery was always top notch. He'd always find a way to reel you in, but his pranks really were always harmless and damn funny. Sometimes, you remember something Owen did and you'd burst out laughing. If anything, he was always amusing, like the way he could disguise his voice. Owen was the master of the straight face. His smile would never give anything away, but when he got you, his blue eyes would always tell the truth," Hart said.

You can see the full interview at this link.

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