Brian Blair Recalls Peeing On Dusty Rhodes Twice In A Week

Wrestling is full of memorable ribs.. but some of them didn't start out as such.

Today, Brian Blair is a respected member of the Cauliflower Alley Club and a politician. However, he got himself into a position that almost no one in wrestling could have politicked their way out of decades ago. When speaking to Wrestling Epicenter, the former Killer Bee revealed that he urinated on WWE Hall of Famer "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes multiple times.

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"This was a week after he had a cooler full of pee dumped on him. He cut a promo on me that was not too becoming. (laughs) About a week later, we were in the French Quarter and we had a day off. Andre the Giant, Dusty, and I decided to go to Felix's. Well, not me. I didn't have a say. (laughs) We went to Felix's Oyster place and we had a bunch of oysters, drank a lot of beer, and we were having a great time. I just loved listening to these guys talk back and forth. The Boss (Andre) stood up. He had saw, we all saw it, this manikin that swung in and out and in and out. It looked like a booby bar. I'm not into booby bars, especially then, not really any time, because I know they're a waste of money. At that time, I was saving every dime. But, they wanted to go. Of course, when you were with Andre or Dusty, you didn't pay for anything anyway. We start in there and I say, "Wait a minute guys. I'm going to jump into this bathroom..." they say "No, no, no, come on. Andre is going to be mad." So, Andre starts going up the stairs to this booby bar, Dusty is behind him, and I'm behind Dusty. I see that the stairs have this platform. Just as we step on the platform, the lights go out. You can't see a thing! It is pitch black! Andre goes, "(laughs) Hold on to your poke (?)" Dusty starts going, "Come on, man! Turn the lights on, man!" (doing a Dusty impression) He's cutting a promo talking a mile a minute. All I could think is, "Dang, I got to pee!" Well, I had seen there was a palm tree (before the lights went out) so I grabbed a leaf and thought it was a palm tree. The lights were off for 2 minutes. There was no place to go. You had to stay right there. So, I pee in the palm tree. The lights come back on about a minute later and I look and Virgil (Dusty Rhodes) and his leg is all wet and he tucked his jeans into his boot... Instead of peeing on the tree trunk, I was peeing on his leg trunk! My pee had filled up his cowboy boot! He starts on, "Damn!" (Dusty impression) and I see the Boss' face (Andre) start to break and he starts going, "Ho, ho, ho ho!" (Andre impression) Dusty pulls his boot off and dumps out the pee and says, "G** Damn, that's two times you peed on the American Dream! You're blackballed! You'll never work again!" (laughing) He cut a promo on me like you would not believe! How many people do you know that can say they peed on the American Dream two times in a week?"  

Blair wasn't completely out of wrestling after that -- he'd go on to work for the AWA and UWF. Dusty Rhodes would continue wearing yellow in the form of polka dots in his WWF gear.

You can check out the full interview with Brian Blair above, or at this link. Credit to Wrestling Epicenter for the transcript. Make sure to visit their channel for dozens of interviews.  

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