Brian Gerwitz Talks About Picking People To Write For, Why He Focused On Comedy For Edge And Christian

Sometimes you just gotta stay in your comfort zone.

Brian Gerwitz knows this. He was recently a part of the Edge and Christian Podcast of Awesomeness. Gerwitz talked about how he had his own circle of people he would write for back when he was a part of WWE creative because he felt intimidated by others in the locker room, bringing up one person in particular:

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Yeah, I mean, (Edge, Christian, The Rock, Chris Jericho, and Kurt Angle) was probably the starting five of my first go around. I think Al Snow and Steve Blackman too. Yeah, it's a great starting line because, as a writer and everything, you're supposed to write for everybody, but, like, human nature gets in the way. I mean, I was intimidated by a lot of people...I always figured, like, Triple H is very intimidating, and he was a big star, and he always seemed to put his material together himself, so it's like, okay, great, he's all set.

When it came to Edge and Christian, a lot of the content that got them over was comedy focused. Gerwitz knows this, and had to battle with other members of creative to defend why he would constantly use comedy in their promos and skits to get them over. He pointed out that before they used comedy, they really weren’t doing anything:

Yeah, that was a big back and forth that I used to have when the subject of Edge and Christian came up and it was like “they're too goofy; they're never going to be main eventers if they're going to be doing this type of ridiculousness” and my argument was, and I'm sure it was not eliquated in a nice, mature way at the time. It was probably more like, 'you're stupid!' and running away or something like that. But the point that I did eventually get across was, it's like, well, you've got to start somewhere, right?' Like, (Edge) went from silent rage and puffy shirt, and evil vampires, and running around the subway for some reason, and now, (he has) got an identity.

Gerwitz was head writer of Raw for years before being demoted in 2012. He left WWE in 2015 for an executive role in The Rock's Seven Bucks Entertainment company.

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