Brian Myers Talks Forming A Bond With Vince McMahon After A Trial Run As A WWE Producer

Brian Myers details how an injury he suffered in WWE was setting the stage for a career after wrestling and how he was able to form a relationship with Vince McMahon at the same time.

Many wrestlers don't get the opportunity to form a genuine bond with Vince McMahon. especially a wrestler at the level of Curt Hawkins. Even though it has been said in the past that Vince McMahon personally dubbed Curt Hawkins “a good hand,” it was not until Curt Hawkins aka Brian Myers had a brief trial run as a WWE producer that he was able to form a relationship with the CEO of WWE.

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“Vince saw my name on the injury report, and he'd like me to be a producer while I'm out and learn that side of the business. That's not really an opportunity that you can say no to. So I went, “okay…” and I wound up working more hurt than I would have as an active talent,” said Myers on Dave Penzer’s podcast. “I went to every single TV, Raw, Smackdown, pay-per-views, in a suit, the whole nine, all the production meetings. But what that did was really finally like I was able to establish a relationship with Vince and [gain] a big thing that I think a lot of the boys don't have. I was very comfortable speaking to him, you know?”

Brian Myers attributes this trial run as a producer and the security of knowing that he had a job waiting for him when he was ready to hang up his wrestling boots as a big reason why he felt comfortable signing a 5-year WWE contract which he says was for “astronomical” money and referred to as a “Please Don’t Go To AEW” contract. A conrtact, which he says, ultimately proved to be too good to be true.

“It was astronomical. Once someone said no, then it went up for everybody, it kept happening.  It wound up being what it was, which was too good to be true,” said Myers. “The big thing for them was the years, everybody’s contract was 5 years. The boys were calling it the ‘Please Don’t Go To AEW’ contract. I was thinking, ‘I’m very comfortable here. I enjoy it. I’m set up for post-in-ring stuff. I’m more than fine with signing this.’”

Brian Myers now works with IMPACT Wrestling after being let go by WWE on Wednesday, April 15, 2020. Also, he continues to co-host the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast alongside the former “Zack Ryder,” Matt Cardona.

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