Brian Pillman Jr: Chris Jericho Is One Of My Ultimate Mentors And Guides In Wrestling

Brian Pillman Jr. appreciates Chris Jericho.

Brian Pillman jr. is a second-generation Superstar trying to follow in the footsteps of his legendary father. On the surface, this is not an unusual scenario in the world of wrestling by Brian Pillman Jr., because of the connections that his father had, is able to have an even greater wealth of experience to draw from with many veterans in the industry wanting to see him do well.

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AEW has many of those veterans and Brian Pillman, while appearing on Couch Conversations, revealed that names like Matt Hardy have been very helpful to him as well as WWE’s Tyson Kidd and Natalya. Overall, Pillman said he considers Chris Jericho one of his greatest mentors and guides.

“Some guys were just super inspired by his work and like admired him and want to help me because of that,” he began. “Some guys were like his best friend ever. But yeah, you know, they just want me to do my own thing, you know what I mean? So just the level of the degree to which people reach out and extend their hands is just variable. Like, I said, like Matt and Jeff, those guys have been — Matt’s been great to me every time.

“Chris Jericho never even — maybe met my dad one time. He's one of my ultimate mentors and sort of guides in this business. So Chris, being a great help and in the Hart family, I mean, they've been nothing but good to me ever since I started wrestling. Natalya, and TJ. I've gone and trained with them a few times. I've been back up to Calgary to see Bret. So they've all really like — especially the Calgary people in Canada. People in Canada love my dad. He lived there for quite a while. I think he lived there for several years. You know, he was playing football and then he got into the Calgary Stampede Wrestling and all that, so there's a good amount of family out there. I'm basically a part of the big wrestling family if you think about it,” said Pillman.

Currently, Brian Pillman is teamed with Griff Garrison but has talked about a potential future as a singles competitor. Learn more here.

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