Brian Pillman Jr Talks Getting Into Wrestling, Training Under Lance Storm And Rip Rogers

Brian Pillman Jr. was recently a guest on Interactive Wrestling Radio. You can check out the full podcast and interview at this link, and submitted highlights below:

Getting into wrestling:
"I was kind of a techno geek. I was doing the database stuff in college and playing the video games. I was hanging out with those types of people, people who were easy going. But, what really opened my eyes up to my athleticism was... Of course, I played football in high school and college lacrosse. But, I strayed away from that. But, what opened my mind up to what was possible with the human body was when I started doing Yoga. It wasn't DDP Yoga. It was actually a buddy of mine named Parker. He sas like, "Hey, want to go to a hot Yoga class?" I was like, "Jesus, no! I've got homework! I'm playing this game with my buddies." Always these excuses so I didn't have to go and work out. Then, I gave it a shot. I was like, "Wow, I can't believe I can bend this way. I can't believe I can do this." If you slow down the situation and just breathe and capture yourself in that connection. The connection between the mind and the body i the breath. I was like, "I'm probably a lot more athletic than I think I am. I probably have a lot more of a chance." That lead to working out. Working out lead to seriously putting on muscle. All of a sudden, I just blew up. I didn't take anything. I'm not on any shit. My body naturally developed into this athlete, masculine shape. People were like, "Man, you really look good. When are you going to start wrestling?" I was like, "Well, shit. That wasn't really even on my radar. I was just trying to look good so I could pick up more women!" (laughs) I think everything in life slowly escalates into what it is supposed to be. I was never supposed to be sitting at a desk. I was never meant to be sitting on my ass. I was always meant to be a performer. I was always meant to be an athlete. Everything finds a way. There's always sidetracks and crossroads. But, it always finds a way."

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Training with Rip Rogers in OVW:
"Rip is very old school, as you know. It is great because he has so much respect for this business and so much respect for how it started and how hard it used to be to get in... Just the trials and tribulations just to be smartened up. There used to not be any way to smarten anybody up unless they beat the shit out of you. It is really cool to hear about the history and the stories, stories about my Dad. Guys like my Dad were athletic but they weren't wise because they didn't really grow up watching it either. They weren't wise to it so they had these veterans that would call stuff and took care of them. They didn't have to worry about ruining any matches because they'd just beat the fuck out of them. (laughs) That's how that goes. So, Rip is very old school. When you're just starting out, that is the best training to get. You do learn the history. You do learn why things are. Like, what is the reason for a clothesline? What is the reason for a move? How do you set up the psychology fo a match? It all comes down to that core. For young guys, it is important to train different places and learn different styles. I'll always go back to OVW as my starting place. Recently, I've been training with a guy named Dave Christ (from Impact Wrestling). He's got a little more of that indie flare. As long as I'm not booked on a weekend, I can always go down to Rip's. Everything RIp says is pure gold, pure knowledge."


On training with Lance Storm:
"I did go to Canada for the 3 month program with Lance. I have to recommend it for everyone because he was trained in Calgary under the old Hart Legacy (Dungeon) and stuff. You learn everything from fundamentals down to foot work. He's such a good athlete, too. But, in a way, he's so good, he's a little too perfect so in a way, he lacks charisma to make it look real and emotional. What people don't understand about Lance is while he might lack charisma on the mic and with body language, he's actually very smart to it. He's actually very analytical - He reads books. He's a very creative person. He understands everything about the psychology of a match. I just think when people watch Lance Storm, they don't connect with him because he is such a different person. He doesn't drink, he doesn't do drugs. He doesn't use steroids. So, he's so above the cut that some might have trouble connecting with him. But, he knows! So, he can teach! He's a very good teacher. But, in a way, he's also a little too strict of a teacher where he doesn't let you venture too far outside of the box or do something weird where my Dad had the opposite personality. When I look at Lance's personality and my Dad's personality, I see two completely opposite people."

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