Brian Pillman Provides An Update On Griff Garrison's Recovery; Talks Pairing With Brock Anderson

Brian Pillman Jr. talks his pairings with Griff Garrison and the Anderson family.

Most of Brian Pillman Jr.'s time as a televised wrestler has seen him as a tag team member. In MLW, he was part of the Hart Foundation with Teddy Hart and Davey Boy Smith Jr., and in AEW, Pillman was part of the Varsity Blondes with Griff Garrison and is now part of a second-generation tag team with Brock Anderson.

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During a recent interview with Sean Ross Sapp, Pillman provided an update on the recovery of Griff Garrison, saying that he's ready to get back to bumping after suffering an injury. Pillman hopes they can pick up where they left off soon enough. Garrison revealed that he underwent surgery in December of 2022 but did not elaborate on his injury.

"He’s great. I just talked to him. He’s about three weeks out from bumping. So in about three weeks his body will be able to withstand the punishment that the business places on our bodies. Which means he’ll be very healthy in about three weeks. So I’m very excited for him. As you know, Griff’s a great athlete, a great-looking kid. We had a big history, a big future together. So I’m looking forward to seeing what happens when he comes back," said Pillman.

As for his partnership with Brock Anderson, Pillman described the full circle feeling of working with Arn Anderson, a tag team partner of his father's, and his excitement to continue working with Brock.

"In the meantime, I’ve been blessed with Arn Anderson and Brock Anderson. Which is crazy because my mom always told me growing up that Arn would be a family friend, he would be there for me. It just came full circle for me, you know? The prophecy came true. Arn has recruited me into his stable. Me and Brock, we’ve had nothing but line drives since we’ve been teaming together. We’ve been teaming together. We’ve got some great matches coming up on AEW Dark. We got a couple victories coming that have yet to air. I’m looking forward to what’s coming in the future. Maybe you’ll see us on one of the house shows coming up. Maybe Corbin, Kentucky, who knows," said Pillman.

As for what will happen once Garrison is back in AEW, Pillman did not reveal whether he would choose one partner or the other but did tease that you never know what can happen.

"I don’t know anything. You never know. There could be a surprise. There could be a turn. There could be a twist. There could be a barbershop window somewhere. You never know. Never know, so. Yeah, I don’t want to spoil anything, but I know Griff is very fired up. He’s in great shape, and he’s excited to get back into it," said Pillman.

Fans can read Arn Anderson's thoughts on the Brock Anderson and Brian Pillman pairing at this link.

As for Brock Anderson, he is also hoping to get more reps in the ring outside of AEW. Brock's contract expires in May 2023, per his father. Learn more here.

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