Brie Bella On Getting Through Quarantine With Nikki & Issues With Daniel Bryan Playing Out On TV

The “new normal” and living in quarantine has been tough on many. Fortunately, Nikki and Brie Bella have each other to face these uncertain times together, just as they have faced life together.

Speaking with TV Insider, Brie Bella opened up about the twins being next-door neighbors today, how that has helped them get through quarantine, and what that has made the viewing experience of the most recent season of Total Bellas like for them.

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“Nikki and I are really lucky because we’re next-door neighbors. We literally have zero property line. When quarantine started, we were at each other’s homes. We’ve been lucky to have our families. We have coffee in the morning, we go on walks. Every night we do a different dinner at someone's house. There is a little change of scenery. We’ve both been helping to keep each other calm and positive, because like everyone else we lost a lot of stuff. Whether it’s you lost jobs or had all these plans, everything,” Brie began. “I feel bad for my sister because this is the first time she has been pregnant. We had to cancel her baby shower, possibly a maternity shoot. All these fun things you do. I think because we are both pregnant, and can’t have wine, that we have been each other’s best support system. It has made this whole quarantine process not only go fast but be more on the pleasant side rather than the scary side.”

Regarding watching back all of their trials and tribulations on the current season of their show, Brie admitted that it is difficult, especially watching back the marital issues between herself and WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan playing out on television.

“I think because we are in quarantine, Nicole and I sit there and watch it with [Nikki’s fiancé] Artem [Chigvintsev] and [my husband] Bryan [Danielson]. So it’s reliving a lot of those moments again together and having these feelings come back. You’re never prepared for reality television or what is going to happen. [Bryan and I] never had the intention of showcasing our marriage the way we did this season. What happens when the cameras are on, [producers] start to realize what is really going on. It’s like, ‘Wow, are you and Bryan distant? Are you and Bryan happy?’ You start to ask these same questions and realize, I’m not happy. We are distant and evolving differently. But Bryan and I put on a brave face and show this part of our marriage because we do believe a lot of married people who have kids go through this.”

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