Britt Baker Says Adam Cole Is Very Supportive Of AEW, Says They Each Watch The Other's Show

Bullet Club is 4-Life.

At least that seems to be the case for Adam Cole. According to his girlfriend, AEW star Britt Baker, the current NXT Champion is very supportive of his former Bullet Club brethren, The Young Bucks and their AEW ventures.

"We actually watch each other's whole show. We support each other's company," she told Bleacher Report in an interview. “My boyfriend is basically best friends with The Young Bucks, so he's very supportive of All Elite Wrestling.”

Britt was also very open about the hardships that can come with being involved with another professional wrestler when your brands are directly competing every week, "We are texting and calling each other for encouragement right up until the moment we go out the curtain,” she began. “It can be a little heartbreaking when it's the biggest night of his career or the biggest night of my career and we can't be there. Because we're each other's biggest fans and, as a fan, you want to be there and feel the energy. You want to experience it. So, it's a little discouraging.”

Both NXT and AEW can be seen on Wednesday night at 8 PM Eastern. NXT can be seen on the USA Network while AEW Dynamite comes on at the same time on TNT.

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