Britt Baker Says She'll Never Turn On Tony Schiavone, Might Turn On Jim Ross

Britt Baker says she will never turn heel on Tony Schiavone.

The relationship between Britt Baker and Tony Schiavone is one that has helped elevate Baker from a blossoming babyface with a tremendous upside to the top heel in AEW.

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Baker, who kicked off her heel run by trashing the legendary announcer during AEW Dynamite on the Chris Jericho Cruise, now says that they are legitimately the best of friends and she would never betray that for the sake of the moment on TV.

Speaking with another former WCW announcer, Mark Madden, Baker opened up about the nature of her friendship with Tony before promising to never betray him.

“This is why you work in the radio booth and you're not booking Dynamite, because you're wrong,” Baker told Mark Madden after suggesting that a moment where she turns on Tony “has to” be coming eventually. “I will never turn on Tony Schiavone. He's my shoot best friend in real life. We talk to each other on the phone every day. I don't have it in my heart. He's one of the only people in the entire company I like, so why would I get rid of him?”

She would later add, “Jim Ross? One day, maybe, [but] never Tony Schiavone.”

Regarding the largely positive reactions that she gets from audiences despite the fact that she is supposed to be the bad guy, Baker questions whether or not that is really an issue.

“So, you tell me. Is that a problem? If you're moving merch, if you're drawing millions of viewers, it doesn't matter. You're doing the company good one way or another, so is that a problem? It's not my problem.”

Britt Baker returns home to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this week for AEW Dynamite and the debut of AEW Rampage. On Rampage, she will defend her Women's World Championship against Red Velvet. Learn more here.

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