Brody King: God's Hate Has Found A Way To Pull Off Having A Gimmick, We're Caveman-Esque

Brody King reveals that God's Hate isn't a work, brother.

The House Of Black member is a multi-talented individual that has his hand in the world of wrestling, music, and film. Recently, King went viral after stage diving during one of his band's performances at a music festival.

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In a new interview with We Are The Pit, Brody King talked about blending his wrestling character with his band's presentation.

"I feel like I’ve been able to blend both Brody King the wrestler and Brody King the singer God’s Hate; I feel like I’ve been able to kind of blur the lines between the two. I definitely look at performing and God’s Hate differently since being a pro-wrestler on TV; ’cause when you’re an independent wrestler, you’re performing in front of 200 people and you have to connect with the people there. When you’re on live TV, you have to perform for a million people that are watching you live across the world that are not in the arena. So it’s like, I’m trying to blur the line with that and God’s Hate, where I’m trying to give the people that are gonna watch this on YouTube a show, I’m trying to give the people that are there experiencing a show. I want everybody to feel the emotion and the energy that’s happening at that moment, through the pictures that they’re gonna see, through the videos that they’re gonna see. And you know, obviously in the live performance."

King continued on and noted that God's Hate has practically taken on a gimmick of its own.

"It’s funny ’cause, I’ve never thought of hardcore music having gimmicks; some people try to do it and it comes off corny. I feel God’s Hate has found a way to do it, where it’s like people go, “Well, that makes sense. You know their lead singer is a professional wrestler.” At the same time, it’s not far from who we are as people; we [as in the band] are very… I don’t even know the proper word… caveman-esque."

Speaking of gimmicks, Brody King made it apparent in a recent interview that the House Of Black are 100% authentic. To learn more, click here.

Special thanks to Michael Pementel of We Are The Pit for the quotes. Click here to see the full interview.

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