Bronson Reed Admits He Stole The Monster Claw From Lady Gaga

Bronson Reed admits that he got his signature hand gesture from Lady Gaga.

While Bronson Reed has admitted to being inspired by legendary wrestling stars like Bam Bam Bigelow, Lady Gaga is not a name that anyone would associate with the colossal NXT North American champion.

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However, while appearing on the latest episode of WWE After The Bell, Bronson Reed admitted to having the Spice Girls on his workout playlist and said that Lady Gaga with the inspiration for his monster claw hand gesture that he has been doing for nearly a decade when he walked to the ring.

“On the independents, I was like, ‘I need something that I do when I go to the ring.’ I need some sort of symbol. What it was, I didn't know. Then, I was watching a live performance of Lady Gaga. So at the time, I used to go by ‘The King of Monsters’ on the independents, and she's singing along and then all of a sudden, she throws up this claw to the people watching, and I see a whole crowd of people throw out their hand like this. I was like, ‘what's that?’ Then, she said, ‘All my little monsters out there, I want you to throw up the paw.’ That's what she called her fans, and I go, ‘I'm stealing that.’ For the past eight years, I've come out and I've done the claw symbol to people and it, everywhere I've gone, it sort of took a little while to catch on. But now you'll see when I come out at NXT, you'll see everyone in the crowd throwing that up.”

Even though Poppy is NXT’s resident pop star, this may have opened the door for the Lady Gaga/WWE collaboration the world never expected.

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