Brooke Hogan Doesn't Think Her Father Would Run For Senate

Brooke Hogan says it isn't a bad idea for her father to run for Senate, but doesn't think he'll do it.

Speaking to TMZ, they asked her about a video that appeared on their site a few days ago about Hogan saying while he isn't running, he'd win big if he were to run.

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"It’s not a bad idea," she said when asked about it. "Everything he’s been through and all the lessons he’s learned in the last couple of years [...] if he were to do anything political, he'd bring unity, instead of division, and I think that’s what we need."

"The world’s consciousness is rising" she added. "We have to get to that point where there isn’t such a thing as a Republican or Democrat.”

Of course, one of the bigger issues that might impede his run are tapes of him using racial slurs. Hogan doesn't feel that it would be an issue when it comes to the African American community, saying that people know that everyone makes mistakes, Hulk Hogan included.

"He must have been in a really bad mood that day because he’s never been like that," she said. "People aren’t stupid. They know everyone makes mistakes."

When asked if she feels if he's ever actually run for Senate, she replies in the negative, feeling that he'd first return to pro wrestling before anything else.

"I don’t think so," she said. "I think the first thing he’d do to stir the pot is to get back in the ring."

You can see Brooke Hogan talking about her father's political aspirations below.


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