Bruce Prichard: I'm Not Sure Maven Had Enough 'Asshole' In Him To Succeed In WWE

Bruce Prichard talks about Maven.

Maven was the inaugural winner of WWE Tough Enough and although he did have some career highlights, including headlining WWE Survivor Series 2004, he is ultimately remembered as a flash-in-the-pan wrestler from the Ruthless Aggression era.

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On his Something to Wrestle podcast, Prichard discussed Maven's lack of success in WWE and said that he's not sure Maven had enough of an "asshole" in him to survive the cutthroat world of WWE.

"I like Maven. That was another one, man, where we tried. I just don't know that Maven had enough of an 'asshole' in him either. Really nice guy, and I just think that he viewed the business as a work, and it's not. You've got to fight for your position. You've got to fight for what you want, and I think that was his downfall," said Prichard.

Prichard went on to explain the need for a killer instinct in the industry and in his opinion, Maven was doing the right thing as a young competitor by just going with the flow, but he never tapped into the jerk that would take him to the next level.

"I think that Maven was young, 'I'm gonna go along,' and when you're young and first starting out, that is what you need to do, but you need to listen, and you need to know when you're being taken advantage of or know how to fight back and be a little bit of an asshole, but that's in the character that you are portrayed on screen. So, if you are a heel, you've got to find your inner jerk. Everybody's got it. Some people are just afraid to let it out."

Maven is currently a lot more than a flash in the pan on YouTube. Maven has really exploded in popularity on the social media platform, hitting upon such topics as his own steroid use in wrestling.

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