Bruce Prichard, P. Diddy Go At It On Twitter Over 'Brother Love' Moniker

This was a bizarre feud if there ever was one.

One of the most famous rappers in the world, P. Diddy, and Bruce Prichard recently had some words on Twitter following a Twitter announcement by P. Diddy where he announced that he was going to change his name once again, this time to LOVE, or Brother Love:

One person who was not feeling the LOVE was, in fact, Brother Love, aka Prichard. His most famous run as an on-air personality was with the character of that very same name, which he played as for a few years in the late eighties and intermittently throughout the early to mid nineties. On Twitter, he revealed he wasn't happy about this latest name change for Diddy:

The media had fun with this one, with Prichard getting some publicity in areas where he normally wouldn't. A few days after posting the initial video, Diddy made an Instagram post saying he wouldn't change his name to that and that it was all a joke:

I see you can't play with the internet -- be calm. Spread LOVE.

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Prichard has been more prolific as of late, hosting a popular podcast called Something to Wrestle With. He has also more recently been a part of Impact as one of the many authority figures Impact has used in their storylines.

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