Bruce Prichard Reveals Original Plans For Infamous Katie Vick Angle

Perhaps the most infamous storyline involving Kane was the bizarre Katie Vick angle, but Bruce Prichard said the original plan was completely different and the storyline just went off the rails when those original plans went awry.

On a recent episode of "Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard," Prichard said the original plans for the Katie Vick storyline is to introduce former WCW wrestler Scott Vick, previously known as Sick Boy, to the roster. Due to the poor try out matches he had, however, the storyline was scrapped and devolved into the angle fans awkwardly remember today:

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"You ever had those moments in your life that there are things that are so traumatic you block them out completely? It really was one of them on so many different counts. The original idea for Katie Vick was a way to introduce Scott Vick, who was a part of our developmental system and we were going to bring Scott in. Scott was going to work with Kane or Triple H, I forget which at this point. Scott had some horrible dark matches on TV and on the road. When he got the nod to go to the show, all of his matches going forward just, the bottom fell out and Vince was like, 'What the hell are we doing?' So he changed and we already teased the name Katie Vick so it's like, 'We need to still do something.' So we changed it over to Kane and it could be his girlfriend and it was during a time when Vince was like, 'We need more soap operas. We need more stories behind the character.' So we started creating stories. It came to what if Kane didn't murder her and then was driving and there was drinking involved and it just grew. It was a glowing example of don't suggest anything in jest that you don't want to have show up on the show."

Scott Vick would never go on to have a WWE main roster run.

Episode 74 of the podcast where Prichard talks about that angle as well as the 2002 Survivor Series in general, can be heard at this link.

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