Bruce Prichard Says There Are Times When Conrad Thompson Gets Under His Skin When They Are Recording Their Podcast

The two men do have their small disagreements.

Former WWE creative writer Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson who is the host of Bruce's 'Something To Wrestle' podcast and the host of the WWE Network show 'Something Else To Wrestle' goes in-depth with Bruce while talking the history of a specific event or about an individual deriving from the sport of pro wrestling. There are also times when the two men butt heads stemming from Conrad's research in-which he uses wrestling news sources and journalists who documented the event or wrestler that they cover on the podcast and Bruce deems some of the stories and reports inaccurate most of the time.

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Prichard was a recent guest on Busted Open Radio with Dave LaGreca and WWE Hall Of Famer Mark Henry and during the discussion Prichard went on to speak about how Conrad can get under his skin sometimes when they are discussing what is fiction or nonfiction when it comes to some of the topics that they go over.

“Yeah he does because his narrative and the narrative he chooses to follow and all he has ever known as a fan has been the narrative of the dirt sheets and people that write from afar--that are not actually involved in the business that just hear things--a lot of rumor and innuendo from other people, most of the time, [its] disgruntled wrestlers or former employees that have an axe to grind." Prichard stated. "So that has been the only narrative that’s ever been out there and no one that worked with Vince or worked with us closely or was actually in the know, has ever responded to any of that, and I decided when I knew I was never gonna be back in the wrestling business in any way shape or form--surely would never be back in the WWE on the WWE Network doing a show.” He continued, “I said, ‘Yeah, you know what? I’ll talk about it’ and, because it's everything that you think is true, 90% of it is wrong so that was the approach we took and that’s what he uses for a lot of his research and I just find myself debunking so much of the narrative that’s been out there all these years.”


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