Bruce Prichard Tells The Story Of The Time When Snoop Dogg Cursed Out Kevin Dunn

During a recent episode of the podcast, "Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard," Prichard regaled his audience with the tale of how world-famous (and world-famously chill) rapper Snoop Dogg snapped the F out on WWE’s Executive Vice President of Television Production, Kevin Dunn.

The explosion occurred several years ago in March of 2003 when WWE was partnering with ‘Girls Gone Wild’, per the request of Eric Bischoff, and there was a GGW pay-per-view event that the WWE production team was working on.

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Dunn was in charge of wrangling several big-name stars for the event, including the future WWE Hall of Famer Snoop Dogg.

And now the stage is set for Prichard's story:

“Everybody knows Kevin Dunn was the/is the executive producer for WWE and Kevin was executive producer for this (Girls Gone Wild PPV). And Snoop Dogg — they were all warned ahead of time — ‘Listen, cops are going to be out in force — no drugs!" And when we say ‘no drugs’ that means marijuana too because apparently, that’s a drug… apparently, it’s illegal in Texas. So the cops and the state troopers and all this sh-t had come in and said ‘Hey, you know we smell one damn joint, anything coming in we’re going to arrest people. We see any underage people drinking we’re arresting them and this show’s gonna be done with.

“So Snoop shows up a couple of hours late. Rolls up, billows of smoke coming out of the limo, so on and so forth. And as the legend goes, Kevin Dunn is beside himself because Snoop has missed all the rehearsals. (Snoop’s) showing up, they’re getting ready to go live and Kevin is trying to explain to Snoop what he’s got to do for that night. And Snoop is just standing there staring off into the distance puffing on a cigar. And Kevin is getting madder and madder because Snoop won’t acknowledge him and finally Snoop, without ever looking at him goes: ‘Hey motherf---er, just because I ain’t looking at you don’t mean I ain’t hearing you! I got this shit!’ And he f---ing just walked off.”

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