Bryan Danielson Can't Fathom Paying $6,000 For Sneakers Like The Young Bucks

Bryan Danielson didn't pay $6,000 for his first car and he's not about to pay $6,000 for a single pair of sneakers.

Since joining AEW, Bryan Danielson has been on opposite sides of Kenny Omega and The Elite. Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks was the first to feel Bryan Danielson’s wrath in an AEW ring. Bryan is not just on opposite sides of the Jacksons inside the squared circle, he also can't fathom their sneaker habit which sees them paying thousands of dollars for the latest and greatest footwear.

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As part of their heel schtick, The Young Bucks have been wearing more outlandish outfits every week. Speaking with Complex, Bryan Danielson explains his reaction when he learned that one of the pairs of sneakers had been stolen from them and they were worth $6,000.

“So I haven’t heard it from them because I haven’t been around the Young Bucks specifically that much, but I heard a lot of sneaker talk in WWE. There are some sneaker guys in WWE for sure. I was blown away and then when I got to AEW, The Young Bucks, a pair of their sneakers were stolen out of their bag. People steal sneakers?”

Danielson continued, "‘Those sneakers are worth like $6,000.’ I was like, ‘$6,000? That’s more money than I paid for my first car.’ I can’t even fathom. I think even the concept of spending that much money on protecting your feet, right? Essentially, as homo sapiens, our feet are very soft and now we walk around a lot of concrete and so we need to protect them. The cold and the rain. I just can’t fathom spending that much money on that when, when you look out at the world, that money could be used so much better elsewhere."

As a vegan, Bryan Danielson portrayed a character in WWE that was eco-friendly to a dastardly degree. He even had his own eco-friendly WWE Championship belt made. Danielson would not say whether or not he would actually be debuting a similar championship in AEW, but did genuinely question why they are still using real leather for championship belts.

“See, that's a fun character thing to talk about. I don’t know why any championship belt nowadays would need to be made out of real cow skin, right? I don’t know what the purpose is. They have synthetic leathers that look every bit as good. I hate to get on my environmental soapbox.”

Bryan Danielson further explains being the antithesis of The Young Bucks in the field of fashion by explaining why he has only been wearing a plain white t-shirt since he's joined AEW. Learn more here.

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