Bryan Danielson On If He's Ever F*cked A Vegetable: Short Answer, No. Long Answer.......

The real news on WrestleMania weekend.

In September 2021, Bryan Danielson famously stated, "When I eat an apple, the tree doesn't die. Essentially, I'm eating the tree's sperm. I'm eating the sperm. It's tree semen. That's how they reproduce other trees. Most fruits are semen."

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Being a true journalist, Hey! EW host RJ City asked Danielson about the quote and had plenty of follow up questions.

RJ: I have the direct quote, 'When I eat an apple, I'm essentially eating tree sperm.' What's worse is that I always see you backstage eating apples. Go do it in a bathroom stall.

BD: What is your problem with that?

RJ: It's just a lot to take in. I understand the point, but you said it in a way that was just a little too graphic for me.

BD: What's graphic about that? Are we not allowed to say sperm or semen? Does that invoke some sort of...

RJ: Ah yeah, the sex ed teacher over here.

BD: Listen, you and me baby ain't nothing but mammals.

RJ: Oh, so that you know, but your don't know Frasier, you don't know Cheers. What happened to you?

BD: That song was on the radio.

RJ: When it comes to apple seeds, do you swallow?

BD: No. I have, actually, swallowed apple seeds, yes.

RJ: I once went on a date

[long pause]

BD: You did what on a date?

RJ: There you go. You ever fuck a vegetable?

BD: Short answer, no. Long answer, we don't have the time.

Someone should do a long-form podcast with Bryan Danielson regarding his thoughts on the sexual nature of vegetables and if he's ever been intimate with one.

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