Buddy Murphy Injured At NXT Live Event, Severity Unknown

Apparently, the Murphy half of former NXT Tag Champions Blake & Murphy may have suffered a lower leg injury at last night's NXT live event in Cocoa, Florida.

Last night's tag team main event featured Buddy Murphy & Kassius Ohno taking on Hideo Itami & The Velveteen Dream, and early in the match, Murphy seemed to land awkwardly, with his ankle taking the brunt of it.

Reports from those in attendance say that a trainer came from the back and talked to Murphy for a minute but it appeared as though Murphy wanted to persevere and stay in the match. A few minutes later, referee Drake Wuertz came down to ringside and convinced Murphy to head to the back and get checked out. Here is a photo:

Ohno to work the remainder of the match by himself, but was unable to emerge victorious.

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