Bully Ray Answers Skeptics Of His Role In ROH

Bully Ray recently spoke to the media, which was picked up by Wrestling Epicenter's Interactive Wrestling Radio, who transcribed the happenings. See highlights below, and show the full thing some love at this link, or above. 

On not growing complacent: 
"I have entirely too much fun in the professional wrestling business to ever grow complacent. There are so many stories left to be told and I love coming up with these new stories. I also love coming up with these stories that have been told a hundred times over but I get to tell them in a new way. Especially these days where heels are afraid to get heat. I basically have no fear in the wrestling business. So, I can do things that no one else is doing right now. That alone allows me to never become complacent." 

On ROH being the new era ECW: 
"I think one of the most fun things for me is Ring of Honor, for me, is basically full circle of my career. Ring of Honor IS ECW. RIng of Honor was created because ECW went out of business. The work ethic, the passion, the drive in Ring of Honor is something I can understand and relate to because that is what we did in ECW. So, I feel that my career has come full circle and I am in a company that I belong in." 

On people being skeptical when he joined ROH: 
"A lot of people were like, "Oh no, this isn't going to work out" and they gave a variety of reasons why it wasn't going to work out. It is for those exact reasons that it has worked out. Because Ring of Honor doesn't have a guy like me. In any wrestling company, you need a variety. You can't just have wrestling match after wrestling match after wrestling match. You need some story telling. After all, this is the story telling business. I would never want to take away from what Ring of Honor is doing because those guys do what they do entirely too damn well. I just want to add another aspect to Ring of Honor that other guys might not be as qualified to do." 

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