Bully Ray Shares Story Of Him Busting Open The Undertaker With A Chair Shot

Bully Ray has been very opinionated on the Brie Bella-Liv Morgan incident from Raw. 

He's repeated the "this aint ballet" and "it's pro wrestling" lines, he's called it an accident, he's even partially blamed Morgan for being too inexperienced to take the kicks. In an effort to further make his point, Ray shared a story on Busted Open Radio of how he accidentally cut the Undertaker with a chair shot and how things were handled back then.

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"I hit Undertaker in the back of the head with a steel chair and put nine staples in his head. What do you think the repercussions should have been? On a personal level, what do you think the repercussions should have been between me and Undertaker? A fight in the locker room. A fight," he said. "He should have been waiting for me and ready to punch me in the face after it happened. On a professional level, what do you think should have happened? (I should have been) fired or suspended or something. You can't hit somebody in the back with a chair but let the chair ride too high and hit in the back of the head. My chair shot was supposed to hit him square in the back but it went too high and the lip of the chair caught him in the back of the head and split him clean open. I should have been crucified, right?"

Ray continued, telling the world what actually happened when the two got backstage.

"I went to the locker room, just me and him. He didn't yell," said Ray. "He politely asked me to sit down and then he educated me as to why that should never happen again. He didn't threaten me. He told me how it would affect my career when it came to carelessness moving on. It was handled in the most professional of ways."

As perviously reported by Fightful, Brie apologized to Morgan after the incident and there appears to be no bad blood between the two. 

You can listen to the full clip below.



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