Cage Talks Chris Kanyon, Who He Wants To Face

Brian Cage is a former WWE developmental talent that has enjoyed far more success in PWG and Lucha Underground

When speaking to Sports Illustrated, Cage opened up about a former WCW talent in Chris Kanyon, who helped motivate him and befriended him.

"One of my idols in wrestling, Chris Kanyon, who later became a good friend, had such an innovative offense," said Cage. "That is also my goal in wrestling. Adding new moves adds spice to a match. When I walk out of the curtain, my look separates me, but I also want to differentiate myself with my moves. I don't want to be another technical guy or another powerhouse. I want people to say, 'Holy s---, Brian Cage is a machine! The s--- he does is inhuman.'"

When asked about potential dream matches, Cage mentioned an indy name, as well as a top dog in WWE.

"I've never worked with JT Dunn, so that's someone I'd like to wrestle, but my all-time dream match is against AJ Styles. Obviously he's in The Fed [WWE] right now, so it will be a little more complicated to have that match now, but I think he's one of the best in the world," said Cage.

You can see the full interview at this link.

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