Cameron Grimes: 'How Can You Not be Confident When Shawn Michaels Has Your Back?'

HBK is helping Cameron Grimes go to the moon.

Cameron Grimes has been grinding away on NXT for several years now and tonight, he's looking to take the next step when he faces Carmelo Hayes for the North American Championship at Vengeance Day.

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Grimes has not only had The Hardy Boyz as mentors but now currently has Shawn Michaels as one of his go-to mentors in NXT. Speaking with Sports Illustrated, Grimes revealed just how much having a legend like Shawn Michaels on his side has been beneficial to his confidence.

“How can you not be confident when you know Shawn Michaels has your back?” Grimes says. “They’re right to say I was never a star anywhere else. It comes down to maturity. I’m becoming a man in this business. I wasn’t mature enough or ready to become that star before. I had the talent and the drive, but it hadn’t clicked yet. Since I’ve been in NXT, it’s really helped my confidence to do what it takes to become a star.”

Regarding his opponent tonight, Carmelo Hayes, Grimes sayshe knew something was different about him when he saw him in the NXT Breakout Tournament last summer.

“During the Breakout Tournament last summer, he walked in the back after one of his matches, and I came up to him and said, ‘I can tell in your eyes that you’re not confident.’ When I see him now, he has a different look in his eyes. I hope he brings that look this Tuesday on Vengeance Day.”

No matter what happens tonight, Cameron Grimes is sure that at some point, he will do what he has always set out to do and that is, go to the moon in NXT.

“Everyone should tune in. This is a huge match. I’ve never wrestled Carmelo Hayes before. We could be in for a five-star match, or we could be in for a one-star match where the only star is Cameron Grimes.

“Whether it’s Tuesday or whether it’s a year from now or whether it’s 10 years from now, I’m going to be a champion in WWE. I’m a rider. I’ve committed to this job; I’ll do whatever it takes. No matter what, I’m going to the moon.”

We will have full coverage of Vengeance Dave beginning tonight at 8 p.m. eastern time

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