Candice LeRae Talks Disney Inspiring Her Wrestling Character

Candice LeRae discusses the inspiration for her current wrestling character.

Days before she is set to challenge for Io Shirai's NXT Women's Championship at NXT TakeOver 31, LeRae spoke with Denise Salcedo of Instinct Culture and was asked about the upcoming title match. LeRae admitted that she does think about her age and how there are plenty of women on the NXT roster who are younger than her and the pressure that comes with it.

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"My age plays a factor a lot of the time, it’s no secret, I am not the youngest girl on the roster. {laughs} Today I just turned 35. All these girls are coming in, they are so much younger than me and I am like, at what point am I not going to be able to keep up with all these girls? As other girls are earning their opportunities and are having their opportunities, I am so happy for all of them. All the girls that are working on NXT are such amazing people, and they all work so hard. So I’ve never had a moment where somebody else was given an opportunity and I am like, them really, over me? It’s always been, man that girl, she deserves it. But they are all younger than me, so I am going, as happy as I am for you and as much as you deserve this I am not getting younger. {laughs} Let’s be honest, I am not getting younger. Johnny {Gargano} and I want kids, so I think I put this pressure on myself and it’s not anybody else doing it, it’s this weird pressure I put on myself," LeRae said.

LeRae, along with her husband Johnny Gargano, underwent character changes on NXT in recent months and mentioned that she watched a lot of Disney content, which gave her inspiration for this new character.

"I’ve been watching online, a lot of YouTube videos, giving my brain a refresher of Disney parades, Disney shows and how the princesses act in the park. And I am like, Oh, I kinda like some of these things! Because they are so ridiculous and over the top for a wrestling persona {laughs} for me just to be sitting here acting and believing that I am this evil Disney princess fairy is absurd. It’s ridiculous {laughs} But I love it and it’s such a fun thing to get to play with, I try different/weird mannerisms every time I go out to the ring or win a match. It gives me this new sense of my character, it’s like you’re tapping into these things that you didn’t even know existed in your brain. It’s so fun," LeRae said.

Shirai vs. LeRae is taking place on October 4 at NXT TakeOver 31 and Fightful will have live coverage of the show. You can check out the full interview at the top of the page.

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