The Cardonas Renew Their Vows, Nick Gage Slices Matt Cardona With A Pizza Cutter At GCW Homecoming

The Cardonas renewed their love at GCW Homecoming, but their special day ended on a sour note.

Eight months after their wedding, Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green renewed their vows at The Showboat in Atlantic City.

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On the second night of the event on August 14, the couple held a special ceremony at the conclusion of the show. Maven, the officiant for the vow renewal, came to the ring and proved that he is actually certified, and he had the paperwork to prove it. He also made it clear that he wouldn't have agreed to be the officiant if he didn't fully believe that they would successfully complete the ceremony.

The wedding parties, which were full of GCW wrestlers, then came to the ring, and Dark Sheik tossed flowers down the aisle and in the ring. Cardona's parents came to the ring to the "Radio" theme song that Zack Ryder used early in his WWE career. Cardona, dressed in an outfit that paid homage to Randy Savage, came to the ring and flipped off some fans.

Finally, it was Chelsea Green's turn to walk down the aisle, and she did while the bridal march played. Once the couple was in the ring, Maven was ready to start the proceedings. Fans continued to harshly boo, and Maven told them that they wouldn't ruin this "perfect" day. In their vows, Green said she fell in love with Cardona when she saw his perfect beard and his bicep. She then brought Maki Itoh out to sing to Cardona. She sang "L-O-V-E" and got a warm response.

As for Cardona, he started his vows by thanking the GCW Universe. He thanked Maven and said he voted for him when he was competing on Tough Enough. Cardona called Big Vin the Broski of the Week, and told his parents he loves them. He fired back at the fans as they continued to boo before he looked back on his win over Nick Gage at GCW Homecoming last year. Cardona told Green that she is his soulmate and his Miss Elizabeth. Cardona said he hopes Green never finds another Broski because she's his "forever Hoeski."

The ringbearer was brought out, and Jimmy Lloyd came out, wearing a tuxedo T-shirt. Lloyd doesn't have the ring, and Maven told him to go find it. He said that the couple doesn't need love because they have rings. When Maven asked if anyone objected to the renewal, Blake Christian came out. He then hugged Cardona and Green, but he got a little handsy with the bride.

Allie Katch then came to the ring, carrying a present. She said she wasn't there to object. Instead, she wanted to thank The Cardonas, so she got them a gift. She gave it to Cardona, who opened it and revealed that it was a bottle of "Rogaine" to help his hair. After these interruptions, it was time to say "I do." Cardona said, "Til death match do us part." Maven pronounced them husband and wife, and the couple kissed.

Nick Gage came to the ring and hit Cardona's dad with a light tube. He then slammed Cardona to the mat, and Green got her face smashed into cake before she took a piledriver from Katch. Gage repeatedly sliced Cardona with a pizza cutter, busting him wide open. Gage told the fans he loved them while Cardona and Green commiserated over their ruined celebration.

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