Carmella Loved Being Paired With R-Truth, 'To Be Able To Have That Range Is So Important'

Carmella really enjoyed being paired with R-Truth and having a lot of fun with the WWE 24/7 Title.

The key to being a successful WWE character is the ability to add layers to your character as time goes on. By the time Carmella was paired with R-Truth on WWE television, she had already been a serious heel SmackDown Women's Champion and was ready to show what she could do as an entertainer after having felt that she proved what she could do as an in-ring performer.

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Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, Mella reflected glowingly on her pairing with Truth and the time they spend getting into shenanigans surrounding the WWE 24/7 Championship.

"I just loved being paired with R-Truth. He is such a treasure and he's such a good person and so fun to be around. It was just full-on shenanigans all the time, whether the cameras were rolling or they weren't. We always had fun ideas, we would ad-lib things that weren't in the script and it was just fun to play off each other in that aspect," she said. "You just never knew what to expect and people were looking forward to seeing what we were going to do. We were in costumes and disguises and just getting into the most ridiculous situations. I just love being that entertainment part of the show. I had already, at that point, been Women's Champion. I showed what I can do in the ring. Let me show what I can do with my character and be fun and be silly and have comedic timing and play off somebody.

"I think to be able to have that range is so important," she continued. "Not everyone can do that and I'm so grateful that I was afforded the opportunity to show that side of my character, especially alongside R-Truth."

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Carmella has not returned to the ring since giving birth to her son. She would like to return but she is currently dealing with the effects of post-pregnancy injuries, specifically foot drop as a result of herniated discs in her back. Learn more here.

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