Carmella Loved The Controversy Behind Her Money In The Bank Win

Carmella didn't care how she won the won the briefcase. People complain all the time, after all.

She spoke to Uproxx about the controversy earlier this year. The finish had James Ellsworth climb up the ladder, grab the Money in the Bank briefcase, and handed it to Carmella. She first explains why the situation didn't appear on Total Divas, which she is now a part of this season:

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You know what, I guess it’s only an hour-long show. So it’s hard to get everything in that episode and in each episode. And I don’t know if they maybe would necessarily, if the E! audience, if it would translate, as far as like what an uproar it caused. So I’m not quite sure why that that wasn’t in there. But at the end of the day, it was all about Carmella. And that’s all they need to know.

They later had a rematch on Smackdown, where she won it again, this time without Ellsworth's help. Carmella said it didn't matter because in the end, people are going to complain anyway:

Gosh, the fans always have something to say. They’re never happy with anything. I could’ve won it the way I won it the second time the first time, and I feel like they still would’ve been upset with it. So, I personally loved it. I loved the controversy. I never like to do anything little. Everything I do, I need it to be big and above and beyond. And it caused such a controversy and such a stir. And it had people talking, and at the end of the day, that’s all we can ask for; people are talking about the pay-per-view, they’re talking about the match. I loved every minute of it.

Carmella has yet to cash in her Money in the Bank briefcase. Winning it in July, she's yet to get that coveted title match. 

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