Carmella Reveals She Received Death Threats Over Accusations She Broke Up Corey Graves' Family

Carmella was distraught over accusations.

Fans who watched Tuesday's episode of Total Divas saw Carmella's reaction to the accusations by Corey Graves' ex-wife Amy Polinsky, who claimed that Carmella broke up their family. Back in February, Amy went on Instagram and publicly accused Graves of cheating on her with Carmella. 

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Carmella received instant backlash from the accusation, though it was later reported that Graves and Polinsky had been separated, with Graves living elsewhere, when Graves and Carmella began dating.

Early in the Total Divas episode, Carmella reveals to  Sonya Deville that she is dating Graves. In a confessional, Carmella notes, "When Corey and I started dating, he was already going through a divorce. He moved out; he has his own place; she has hers. There's really nothing else to say about it."

When Polinsky makes the Instagram post, which was deleted soon after, Carmella says in a confessional, "Suddenly, I'm on Instagram and I get tagged in a post saying that 'we had this affair' and accusing me of being the one that broke up a family. Now, the entire world thinks I'm a homewrecker and I broke up a marriage."

Backstage at a WWE event, Carmella addressed the accusation with Graves.

"I don't know what the fuck is happening. Why the fuck would she go on social media and put that out there? I'm not kidding. This is not okay. I'm not okay right now. Literally, I'm getting death threats. There are kids involved like I ruined your fucking family. I broke up your family. I would never do anything like that. Ever. It's not okay. Now everyone thinks I'm a fucking whore. I've tried to be a good person my entire life. We can't go online and defend ourselves. I can't say anything online. It's so fucked up. I've never been so mad in my entire life or so offended," she explained.

Graves denied having anything to do with the post, saying he knew nothing about it, while trying to calm Carmella. 

In a follow-up confessional, Carmella says, "It's like the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with. All I know is I love him and he loves me. We're happy and I didn't do anything wrong. I know in my heart I didn't break up a family. I just don't like that the entire world now thinks that I did this horrible thing."

When the accusations were laid against her, Carmella stayed silent on social media, letting the situation play out and eventually die down.  Carmella and Graves remain together to this day, with Graves even mentioning their relationship on the air. 

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