Celebrity Big Brother Recap - Week 3: Eva Marie Gets Evicted

When we last left the Big Brother house, Eva Marie was sitting in a good position. Here's a reminder of how the house stood:


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Kato Kaelin (Witness in OJ Simpson trial)
Ricky Williams (former NFL running back)
Lolo Jones (Olympic Track Star)
Dina Lohan (Lindsay Lohan’s mom)
Tamar Braxton (Singer)
Tom Green (Comedian/Actor/Singer)
Kandi Burruss (Singer/Songwriter)
Natalie Eva Marie (former WWE Superstar)


Anthony Scaramucci (Former White House Director of Communications)
Jonathan Bennett (Aaron Samuels in "Mean Girls")
Joey Lawrence (Actor, Star of "Blossom")
Ryan Lochte (12-Time Olympic Medal Swimmer)

This week, we learn that Eva switched her vote last minute to vote out Joey and save Kandi based on advice given to her from Tamar. Eva thought this move would keep her in the good graces of Kandi. Big mistake. 

The Head of Household challenge to start the week is a game of "spot the mistake" in the picture. Tamar wins, which excited the all girls alliance. They are gunning for Tom Green and Kato because they know that's a strong alliance and the two continue to win challenges. As expect, Tamar puts Tom and Kato on the block. Lolo wins Power of Veto in a memory game and keeps the nominations the same. Kato is voted out 5-0.

And now the game turns. 

Everything is looking great for Eva at this point. He has a strong final two with Lolo and a loose alliance with Tamar and Ricky. She thinks she's safe with Kandi after flipping her vote the previous week. The numbers are on her side and she's a strong competitor herself. 

But Tom Green wins Head of Household. And Tom Green is unpredictable. He promises he's not going to nominate Eva. His target is Ricky, who he doesn't trust after Ricky was immediately turned off by the alliance offer. He also wants to go after Lolo, who he thinks is a strong player.

However, Kandi gets in his ear and tells him to go after Eva. After some thought, Tom decides to nominate Ricky and Eva for elimination. Not the best of spots to be in but Ricky appears to be the target.

Did I mention that Tom Green is unpredictable? 

Eva still has a chance to save herself with the Power of Veto. The ideal scenario is for Lolo to win POV, save Eva, and force Tom to nominate Tamar, Kandi or Dina. Unfortunately, due to random draw, Lolo doesn't get to play. So Eva's only chance is to win POV herself. It's another memory game and Tom wins once again.

Eva tries to cut a deal but it doesn't work. It's actually a good deal as it would have likely ensured Tom's spot in at least the four final, assuming Eva didn't go against her word. Instead, Tom does use the Power of Veto, deciding to save Ricky. 

To recap: Tom really wanted Ricky out. Everything lined up for him to get Ricky out. But he saved Ricky because it was his way of shaking things up. I thought it meant Tom and Ricky were working together the whole time. But that doesn't appear to be the case. Maybe more information is revealed later. Tom puts Lolo up in Ricky's place.

Eva is content with going home at this point. She doesn't mind losing to Lolo and sees the writing on the wall. She makes a last ditch appeal but everyone has their mind made up. Eva gets evicted by a 4-0 vote.

Everyone cries.

Even though she didn't make it to the final week, which I fully expected after week 2, Eva played a very good game. She made the right alliances and she proved herself to be a strong competitor. Some of it came down to luck. If Lolo gets to play in that Power of Veto, how much does that change things? If Tom sticks to his word and keeps the target on Ricky and Lolo, Eva survives the week without question. Kandi keeps with the all-girls alliance and doesn't switch sides, Eva survives the week. So not only luck, but trust. 

The shortened nature of Celebrity Big Brother also makes things more difficult. Decisions have to be quicker and there is no real long game. Eva knew what she was doing and her game may have worked better had she had more time to think things through and really establish herself as a top player. 

Overall, Eva came across very well on the show. Wrestling fans may not like her for a number of reasons, but she looked more in her element on Big Brother. Maybe she was meant for reality competition shows instead of reality scripted shows. 

That does it for my Big Brother recaps. Eva is gone so there is no reason to continue. It's the final week and she'll be back to pick a winner but otherwise, All Red Turned Purple Everything will be out of the spotlight once again.

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