CFO$ Says It Had Nothing To Do With Emma's New Entrance Theme

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CFO$ Wants You To Know
They Are Washing Their Hands Of
Emma's New Trash Entrance Theme

Emma used to have one of the coolest instrumental entrance themes in WWE. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it.

I say USED to have it, because last night on RAW, they inexplicably replaced it with something different.

Something doody.

THIS is her new entrance theme:

It's trash.

It sounds like something a 43-year-old suburban mom listened to in 1993 when she wanted to feel powerful yet sensual.

It's hot burning garbage in a raging dumpster fire.

Everyone immediately blamed CFO$, the preposterously named musical duo that is responsible for most of the entrance themes in WWE, including such widely praised songs such as "Glorious" and "True Love." But they're also responsible for some of the lazier tracks, the looping guitar riffs for guys such as Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens. And with the recent series of crap entrance themes--Big Cass, new Baron Corbin, new Jason Jordan (with and without rap lyrics)--many thought that CFO$ had possibly lost whatever magic they once had.

One Emma fan even reached out to CFO$ on Twitter:

They were so quick to distance themselves from the dumpster fire, I think they might have pulled a hammy.

You'll notice they didn't deny responsibility for Big Cass and Jason Jordan's theme and the others that stink like a sewage treatment plant covered in burnt dog hair. 

So while CFO$ might be blameless in the case of Emma's new entrance theme, they still have a lot to answer for.

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