The Challenge: Double Agents Recap (Episode 4) - Lio Rush Can't Fly A Drone

Over on MLW Kings of Colosseum, Lio Rush won the MLW Middleweight Championship from Myron Reed.

Over on The Challenge, Lio Rush crashed a drone. 

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That was about his only contribution to The Challenge this week. The daily challenge had teammates try to work together to navigate a drone through a cave to secure a code. One person controlled the drone while their partner used the VR navigation to tell them where to go. Lio, controlling the drone, crashed in about 30 seconds. 

He also did do the Hall Brawl introductions and made meme faces in the background. 

There's under the radar and then there are Lio's contributions to The Challenge past episode one, which may as well be an untraceable submarine. 

Everything Else

- Tori and Devin, and their fake rivalry, are going to be a tough out for everyone. They know how to play the game, they have alliances on opposite sides of the house, and they balance each other out with their respective strengths. They will stick together and they will be in the final. 

- On one hand, I admire Fessy's underhand tactics because there is no reason to play this game clean and you have to make big moves to succeed. But he was already in a strong position -- HE LITERALLY HAD TWO SHOTS TO GO TO ELIMINATION EARLIER THIS SEASON! -- and now he went with an underhand move while going against multiple friends. I admire it. I also think it's extremely stupid given the position he's in. 

- That said, he's got his gold skull and that puts him in a powerful position because not many people want to see him in another elimination and the men will start politicking for their own spot in eliminations to earn their skull.

- Bring back Wes. Figure out a way. I don't care.

- Josh cried and argued. This guy sucks. 

Where Lio Stands

I have no idea. He's been featured so little in the past couple of weeks that I'm not quite sure which side he is on. Based on the nomination board that was shown, he voted for Jay and Theresa to go into elimination. He was on the wrong side of the numbers this week, but alliances are all over the place.

With Fessy making plenty of enemies after his heel turn, Lio could slide up the totem pole and make friends with the Corey alliance. Fessy is currently flirting with Lio's partner Gabby, which could offer them protection on the other side of the house. 

Really, Lio is an unknown commodity at this point. He hasn't shown much in the challenges and he's not featured outside of challenges. 

That said, there's nothing wrong with the game he's playing. He's not making any waves in the house and as a rookie, that's the best thing you can do. As a viewer and someone covering strictly Lio's game on this website, I would just prefer to have more material. 

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