The Challenge: Double Agents Recap (Episode 6) - Lio Rush Leaves The Show, Posts Statement

The most Lio Rush centric episode of The Challenge happened to be his last. 

Early in the episode, Lio was shown talking to Challenge veteran Nany, who asked him about his experience thus far. He said there were certain triggers in the house, noting that it was similar to when he stayed in a group home and woke up next to strangers, which was traumatizing to him. 

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Lio was also shown talking to his wife in a confessional, saying he wants to come home. Lio was then seen talking to his partner Gabby, telling her that he would be leaving the house. He said it was a hard decision to make, but feels it was the right decision for himself, his wife, and his future son. 

Gabby was very complimentary of Lio, saying she couldn't ask for a better partner and praised him for motivating and supporting her. 

Lio would post the following on social media:

April 2020 I was let go of my dream job with WWE during the beginning of the pandemic with no real hope of what was next for me in my career. A few weeks later I was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime by MTV that was to compete on television for 1 million dollar. I've always had my dreams of becoming a reality TV Star, so that was cool too. I was so excited for this unlike anything else. This was hands down the hardest decision I've ever made in my life. This was a fresh start and a new beginning for me and my family. Unexpectedly, I noticed that I've never been so vulnerable until this experience in the house. But this is what I've been wanting. So afraid to open up. Force to grow up very fast at a young age due to circumstances in my childhood and during that time I've made mistakes in my life because what kid doesn't. I've experienced so much growth from this experience. I was made to be the villain a few years ago and it was heartbreaking. I want to stand before you today as a hero. A hero to anyone out there that suffers from depression, anxiety, PTSD or any mental illness. A hero to the boys and girls who look like me. I came into the house knowing that it'll be a challenge for me mentally on top of the challenge itself. To my Challenge fans and to all of the dope people in the house. Thank you for helping me grow. I didn't walk away with a million dollar, but I walked away with something far much greater that I wasn't expecting. I love you and good luck with the rest of the season. Thank you for all of the incredible memories. I promise I will be back, but for now it's time for me to get ready for my little one to come into this world and be here for my beautiful wife during our pregnancy. Thank you MTV! 

TJ Lavin, who typically hates quitters, supported Lio's decision because the number one priority is health. 

Unfortunately, that ends Lio's time on The Challenge and my time recapping The Challenge. 

I hope we see Lio back in the future. He made the decision for his mental health and his family, which I have nothing but respect for. We definitely didn't see his full capabilities in the game, but I believe he was playing a good game for a rookie. 

What impressed me most about Lio in the season was his support for Gabby. Wrestling can be an ego driven business. The Challenge is built on ego and one person potentially winning a million dollars, even if they have a partner. Lio showed a lot of maturity with his partner and in the house. 

I just want to thank Lio Rush for even appearing on the show, thus giving me the opportunity to write about my favorite show on television on a wrestling site for the last six weeks. 

Thank you Lio. 

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