Charlotte Flair 'Adores' Nikki Cross, Cody Rhodes On His Dad's Everyman Physique | Fight Size Update

Here is your fight size update for Friday, June 18th, 2021:

- In an interview with the New York Post, Charlotte Flair commented on the Nikki Cross element added to her rivalry with Rhea Ripley. Charlotte would say that she enjoys adding new wrinkles to stories while also noting that she is fond of Nikki Cross.

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“I love adding wrinkles and I adore Nikki Cross. I have for many years, prior to her being added to this storyline. It just gives it another person who could be in the title picture against Rhea that is a player and see her grow. I’m not sure where it’s gonna go. I think the one-upmanship is I’m saying that Rhea isn’t mature enough and at the same time it’s my own ego that always seems to get in the way. So who really is the mature one? (Laughs).”

- Speaking with GQ Magazine, Cody Rhodes commented on how his father's “everyman” physique shaped his idea of what an athlete could look like.

"I knew guys like my dad and Harley Race were athletes who perhaps didn’t look that athletic, but I was absolutely mystified by guys like Sting who were a little bit of old school meets new school. They weren’t zippered up so much like a Lex Luger, but it was big chest and big legs. Sting was probably the number one example of, I want to look like that. Road Warrior Hawk. Even Ric Flair, who maintained his body in a great way. And it was just because I wanted to be different. I know that athletes all come in different shapes and sizes, and my dad was a prime example of that, but I just couldn’t imagine what I would be like if I was gonna be big, round, robust, and dancing and moving like him. It just wouldn’t have worked. It’s not who I was. I’m so much more like my mother than my dad.

"The thing I wish I got from my dad was that he had these massive calves. Massive! Every pair of shoes and boots I borrowed from him, they’d fit my foot but not my calves. You’d have to like, triple sock it. My mom always talks about what great calves he had. I don’t know, I just didn’t get them. I wish I did."

- Mike Johnson of PWInsider reports that David Arquette will take part in the new season of Celebrity Family Feud on ABC, and he’ll be bringing some wrestlers with him as part of his “family” on the show. These names include Jungle Boy, Peter Avalon, RJ City, and Dalton Castle.

- Jonathan Barber, best known as a referee for CHIKARA Pro Wrestling and Combat Zone Wrestling, passed away on 6/14 at the age of 34.

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- Shawn Daivari, who was recently rehired as a producer, could be seen in the Charlotte Flair vs Rhea Ripley pull-a-part brawl on the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw, per Dave Meltzer in the most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

- Brandi Rhodes has commented on motherhood and Dustin Rhodes has commented on his new niece, Liberty Iris.

- Kenzie Paige is currently dealing with an injury.

- Speaking with Yahoo! Sports, Nyla Rose compared herself to Lex Luthor in that not everybody is seen as a villain 24/7.

“Let’s take Lex Luthor for example,” Rose said. “Yes, he is a villain, but in his own social circle, he’s loved, he’s not always seen as the bad guy. I kind of take that tonal shift [when it comes to the balancing act]. Some people may see me as a villain when I go out and perform in the ring, but really I’m the hero in my own story.”

- In an interview with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT, Maclin shared his vision of his new persona, drawing inspiration from the Marvel universe.

“My character is pretty much me,” said Maclin. “It’s getting my point across, but it’s also a contrast of taking The Punisher and Captain America and moving it all into one.

“It’s not so much making it the patriot, but more the darker side of everything and crossing that line that many people never want to talk about or go into. So now I get to play on that side of the tracks where I was told no for so long.”

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- Today, WWE once again fell in the stock market as they traded at $57.81 per share.

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