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Here is your fight size update for Thursday, June 17, 2021:

- Speaking with the New York Post, Charlotte Flair reflected on enjoying being the villain in the modern WWE world:

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“(Laughs) I’ve gotten more comfortable on the mic and I’m trying to get better with promos and I think it’s always, ‘Am I the good guy, am I a bad guy?’ Where do I fit in with this story or changing me to be the good guy with this character or a bad guy with a character? This was, ‘No, I’m just coming back full-blown bad.’ There’s no question marks and that was the best way to do it.”

- Titus O'Neil has been named one of the finalists in the running for this year's Muhammad Ali award recipient. In the past, the award has been won by John Cena

- Speaking in the special write-up about AEW in Forbes Magazine, Shad Khan, the father of Tony Khan, reflected on what he told his son about starting the wrestling promotion despite not thinking it was a good idea.

“I absolutely didn’t think this was a good idea,” the elder Khan says. “But I told Tony, ‘Look, when I’m dead and gone, I’m going to be leaving you and your sister a lot of money. Why don’t you blow some of that while I’m alive?’”

-The Miz interviews Kevin Hart about being a dad, his new movie “FATHERHOOD” and more.

- Unfortunately, Brutus Beefcake is dealing with health issues. His wife, Missy, says on Facebook that he is dealing with blood pressure issues and shortness of breath among other things.

- According to a report by Mike Johnson, George Carroll, the newest addition to the WWE NXT creative team, was involved with the opening segment of NXT which featured the return of Samoa Joe.

- Speaking with WrestleZone, Alexander Wolfe noted that he is looking forward to creative freedom now that he is no longer with WWE.

“I think it’s the way I treat life in general someone’s and it’s human to be negative and sometimes to be positive. But my choice is to use all the knowledge, which I got over the six years working with WWE and just understand the process. That again, it’s not personal, they did not release me because I was a dick or because I was not good to work with or I wasn’t professional. That’s not the case,” Tischer said. “The case was, they had to do this because of cost-cutting reasons, because of the pandemic, they cannot operate how they would love to, and I understand that. And so basically when you—my mentality is, the glass is always half full. And when you’re concerned about bad things, bad things will happen to you. But when you concentrate, when you focus on positive sides, positive things will happen.

“It’s maybe a part of my belief, how life goes, but I always like want good with it, and in a time where negativity could overwhelm you, you have to stay strong and have to see the bright side of life. The bright side is, I can move back home, and see more often now my best friends. I can go back to my life I had before, which was a good life. Plus I created a brand. I had a chance to get the exposure under the WWE umbrella. I created six years of more knowledge, more skill set, more abilities to maybe pass onto somebody, maybe use it as tools for myself,” he noted, “because WWE made me a better performer and a better wrestler. So I now have the time to create myself how I see myself, how I would love to get presented right now by myself.”

- Check out the latest episode of What’s NeXT:

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Speaking with Coming Soon, American Ninja Warrior Executive Producer, Anthony Storm noted that he is happy to see Kacy Catanzaro continue to evolve in the world of athleticism.

“Yeah, I mean, I think we saw that explosion between Season 6 and 7. Initially the growth came from the success of the women in Season 6. Kacy Catanzaro had two remarkable runs hitting the buzzer for the first time and then completing the final course. They both went viral and I think that was a big part of the initial growth. And I think that the growth subsequent growth is season by season and year by year growth. It’s just a result of the show continuing to tell these incredible stories, the athletes continuing to reach remarkable heights and we’re constantly refreshing the obstacles in the course. Some of the rules and challenges that we put in front of them, and we get a new influx of athletes from all walks of life. I just think that it’s just got such broad appeal. It appeals to people of all ages, genders, all sorts of very diverse audience and I think that a new audience is finding it year after year. So I think it’s still got room to grow.”

- Today, WWE stock continued its downward trend closing at $58.78 per share

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