Charlotte Flair: I Don't Understand Why Evolving And Wanting More Makes Me Selfish

Charlotte Flair strives for greatness and she doesn't believe that's a bad thing.

Flair recaptured the Raw Women's Championship on Sunday at WWE Money in the Bank, defeating Rhea Ripley at the event. Flair is now a five-time Raw Women's Champion to go along with her five SmackDown Women's Championships, two NXT Women's Championships, and one Divas Championship.

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And she still wants more.

"I want more. I know people are like, 'Well, you've done it all.' So because I've main evented WrestleMania once, I'm not supposed to want to do it again? That's what I feel," Charlotte told Ryan Satin on Out of Character. "I feel like, 'Charlotte you're selfish.' What? I'm selfish? You think Simone Biles doesn't want to be the GOAT anymore? Because I've main evented one pay-per-view, I'm not supposed to want to main event more? Look at Randy (Orton). No one is going, 'Randy, you're one of the greatest of all-time. You want more?' Randy just had this incredible run as the best villain during the COVID era. I get confused why people don't understand (that I want more). Is it because I'm a woman? That's how I came up with the opportunity line and that I am the opportunity. The women's division is so much smaller than the men's division. That's part of the issue as a whole, right? I have not won the Raw Women's Championship since 2017. I'm greedy because I want to win it in 2021? People don't look at the facts."

Though Charlotte hadn't won the Raw Women's Title since 2017, she had won the SmackDown Women's Title four times, the NXT Women's Title, and the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles from 2017 to 2021 before regaining the Raw Women's Title on Sunday.

For Charlotte, she believes her growth should be praised.

"I sit back and I look at some of my matches in 2017 and 2018. I had a match with Sasha (Banks) at SummerSlam (2016) and I just wasn't there as a performer," she said. "I was nervous and in my head. The match got going towards the end. I would do anything to have that platform and have that match again. To be the performer that I am now with the calmness and coolness. I was forever playing catch up and thrown in a role. If you go to Raw or SmackDown, you either sink or swim. Everyone has gotten this opportunity to evolve or change. I'm not, right now, evolving and it's not cool? That's what I'm confused at as a talent. I'm trying to get better and I want to evolve and have more layers. I don't understand why that makes me selfish. If you think I'm selfish, I'm going to say 'I am the opportunity.' That's how I pull these pieces together to tell stories and motivate myself."

Charlotte began calling herself "The Opportunity" after being left off the WrestleMania 37 card. For "The Queen," she believes consistency has been key to her run.

"I was so lucky that I was never injured. It's only been this last year, from COVID to getting COVID to my storyline ending with Lacey (Evans) getting pregnant. A lot of it was just, I was healthy from 2015 to 2020. I know people get mad, 'is she a good guy, is she a bad guy?' When you can play whatever role, they're going to do that. I prefer bad," she said.

Charlotte continued to lean into her heel persona at Money in the Bank, flipping off the crowd as they chanted for Becky Lynch.

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