Charlotte Flair Says She Doesn't Politic, Feels Like The Only Adult In Becky Lynch Feud

Charlotte Flair addresses Becky Lynch.

In the lead up to WWE Survivor Series, Becky Lynch has done interviews where she's discussed the real life heat between her and Charlotte Flair stemming from their title swap segment, which reportedly led to a verbal confrontation backstage.

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Becky confirmed that she lost it verbally following the segment and took aim at Charlotte for the way she speaks and carries herself.

Appearing on The Masked Man Show, Charlotte was asked how she feels about Becky taking this week and interviews to attack her.

"I feel like the only adult. I've never used media, other than to talk about my success and what I want. Everyone knows that I want to be the best. I feel like I shouldn't have to explain myself and that people would want to understand that I want to be better and I didn't come this far to come this far, but I didn't use these opportunities as an outlet to tear down someone else's career," she said. "Number one doesn't talk about number two. Charlotte Flair is an easy target and have been a target since day one. I'm used to it. I have been on top since 2015. I know the pressure and the criticism that comes with it. Most importantly, I have to stay true to myself. I didn't get to where I am without the help of others. Without facing Nikki Bella, without Sasha Banks and Becky at WreslteMania 32. Then Bayley coming. I know that in every feud I've had, I am a target. There is a lot that comes with the Flair name. I have never need to compare myself to someone else on my rise to the top. Do I take it personal? At this point, I take it personal that the audience can't see the passion that oozes out of me every single Friday, Monday, or pay-per-view. I just main evented the UK Tour every night with Sasha Banks. You can't rise to the top with short-lived attention. I've spent the last seven years earning this spot.I don't get hot one minute and cold the other. I am the consistent diamond of the division. I am unbreakable."

Charlotte continued by saying, "I feel like it's WrestleMania 35 or the feud in 2019. Here you have Ronda and Becky tweeting God knows what they're tweet and here I am like, 'Okay, do your thing, the only adult in the room,' or being attack for everything I've accomplished."

Charlotte then discussed the differences between her character and the real her, saying people will get them confused.

"I am also a human being. My real name is Ashley Fliehr. Charlotte has been the focus point since 2015. We've told the audience that she's entitled, that she's Ric Flair's daughter, we've told the audience all these things, constantly and Charlotte is the 12 times women's champion. Ashley, the human, just wants to live her dream for her brother and succeed. I think people can't turn that off. As a character, what people aren't realizing, 'Wow, Charlotte Flair is doing a damn good job.' Charlotte is the best heel in the room, isn't that what we want? To have the best good guy, you have to have the best bad guy. What do you want Charlotte to be? The reason I don't put down others is because I know what it's like to put down others. Every single day, someone wants to take away my success. 'It was handed to her, it was given to her, she's Ric Flair's daughter, she politics.' No one can accept the fact that if my last name wasn't Flair, I would still be the best athlete in this company, man or woman. Not even close. I don't take down someone else's success to make myself bigger or feel better. I just go, 'I need to work harder," she said before mentioning that she always wants to get better at promos and continues to work to get better in the ring, pointing out her improvements over the years.

"I don't think people appreciate me right now. Not until something or someone is gone do they realize what they have. When I'm gone, I will go down as the greatest ever, man or woman," she stated.

Finally Charlotte was asked if she politics to get her way with the host mentioning Ric Flair bringing up not wanting to put over Lex Luger, but being willing to put over Barry Windham for the NWA World Title.

Charlotte said about politicing for her spot, "I don't even know what that term means, but I read it. The 80s is much different than 2021. Any wrestler can cut a promo and say what they want now. What I think people mean is, because I'm a Flair, I just walk into Vince's office because I'm Ric Flair's daughter and am like, 'this is what I want to do today.' If that was the case, don't you think I would have had a longer title run than eight seconds at Money in the Bank? I don't like the short title runs. I wish I could hold on to the title a little longer, but when I lose it, I want to get it again. That's what keeps me motivated, getting better to be that champion. The 80s is different. Here, you might be able to state your opinion, but I don't know how much say the talent really has. 'She's been the 12-time women's champion. Why?' Because they needed Charlotte as the 12-time women's champion. That's why."

Charlotte said she has a hunger and drive that the right people see and that women are also labeled as "catty" or "emotional," thus making the situation a bigger deal than it should be.

Charlotte and Becky are set to collide at WWE Survivor Series on Sunday. Fightful will have live coverage of the event beginning at 7 p.m. ET. You can view the current lineup by clicking here.

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