Chelsea Green Almost Was Given "Victorious" As A Name Upon WWE Re-Debut

Chelsea Green wasn't victorious in her main roster re-debut, but she almost was, if that makes any sense.

Green sustained a broken wrist while appearing on Smackdown on November 13, and was put on the sidelines. Fightful Select learned more about the plans for her, as reported on the platform:

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As mentioned last week, all throughout the day of her re-debut, the plan was for Chelsea Green to win the Smackdown match in which she debuted. After sitting on the sidelines for months, we're told that Vince McMahon had a meeting with Green about the creative plans for her moving forward, and to inform her that she'd be move up to Smackdown imminently. Most within creative and the WWE staff said that they heard the meeting went positively, and Paul Heyman pushed hard for her and believed in Chelsea Green as a top women's star before he was ousted.

Fightful has learned the creative plans didn't stop with Vince McMahon's meeting with Chelsea Green. Up until at least the day of the show there were also creative plans for her to either have a name change or nickname. The proposal? "Victorious." There were some concerns raised by some within the company that there could be trademark issues in making that happen. Both Green and "Victorious" appeared on the internal rundowns, though Green was scheduled for a post-match promo where she'd refer to herself by the new moniker. Obviously that didn't happen due to injury.

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