Chris Hero On Working As An Agent For Recent ROH Event, Says He's 'Itching' To Wrestle Again

Chris Hero says working as an agent for Ring of Honor was a pleasure and that he is “itching” to get back in the ring.

Chris Hero has not been inside the ring since he was let go by WWE in 2020. In the time since then, he has started a podcast on Ad-Free Shows and has been waiting for the world to stabilize before making the decision to get back inside of the squared circle.

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Speaking with Andrew Thompson of POST Wrestling, Chris Hero spoke about his time agenting at Ring of Honor Best in the World and said that he really enjoyed the process noting that Bandido and Jonathan Gresham stood out to him the most.

"I have a number of friends that work for Ring of Honor behind the scenes, in front of the camera and it was really cool for me to be able to be even just a small part of that. To see them back in front of fans is awesome. Just to interact with people that I hadn’t seen for a while, to interact with people because as you know, it’s been a crazy year-and-a-half but that was the first wrestling show I had been to since everything shut down, so it was great for me to go to a show, to be able to be helpful in certain areas, without the pressure of having to perform myself or having to call a match or having to decide which place I’m gonna take a booking for, whatever, whatever. I didn’t have to worry about any of that. I could just help out, I helped agent, produce, whatever. Helped kind of relay information back and forth, got on the headsets, talked to the production team, that kind of stuff and some of that I’m familiar with it, some of it I’m not familiar with so it was also a learning experience for me to try to figure that stuff out and I really enjoyed it."

Hero continued, "I thought they did great and Bandido, he’s the future man. He’s PWG Champion, he’s Ring of Honor Champion. I know y’all haven’t seen him without his mask but he’s a handsome gentleman as well. He’s just fantastic so, I think him being the face of Ring of Honor right now or sorry, the eyes of Ring of Honor right now. I think they have a bright future. Once they start hitting it regularly with fans, I think people are — you know, people kind of slept on Ring of Honor. They’re like, ‘Oh, they’re doing stuff,’ but I don’t blame ‘em. It’s hard to watch wrestling without an audience. It is hard, so they just have a crop of talent that’s exceptional, from the old school guys like The Briscoes or Homicide or you’ve got this new talent like Bandido, like I said, [Jonathan] Gresham with his Pure — man, they got some really good things going on and I’m excited for them to get back [to] it."

Regarding his own return to the ring, Hero says he is ready but he's been waiting so long, he has no problem waiting for the perfect time to step back between the ropes.

"Brother, I am itching [to get back in the ring] all the time, you know? But I’m also patient enough to realize I’ve sat out this long, I’ve waited this long. I’m not gonna pull the trigger until it’s the perfect thing. I don’t know when that is but I’ll know it when it happens and man, I am thirsty. I just wanna get back at it. I see so many people I wanna work with, so many people I just wanna kick the sh*t out of. So many people that [are] previous opponents, new opponents, there’s so much I wanna get back at."

You can check out the full interview embedded above. Recently, Chris Hero gave some advice to budding professional wrestlers on his podcast regarding criticism. Learn more here.

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