Chris Jericho Confirms He Won't Be At WWE Super Show-Down; Fozzy Booked On That Date

Don't expect to see Chris Jericho at WWE Super Show-Down in Australia.

Responding to a fan's now deleted tweet, Jericho stated, "No I isn't" when asked if he would be at WWE Super Show-Down.

Jericho has made a habit of swerving fans in the past, but the math on this one checks out. Fozzy has a tour date on Oct. 6 at the Rock Allegiance in Camden, New Jersey. A flight from Australia to New Jersey is roughly 20 hours. Jericho appeared at All In in Chicago this past Saturday, then immediately took a private plane to Kansas City to appear on-stage with Fozzy.

While Jericho has proven apt at being at two places at once, Australia to New Jersey would be tough to pull off.