Chris Jericho Doesn't Think Brock Lesnar In AEW Is Worth The Investment

Though Brock Lesnar may technically be a free agent, Chris Jericho doesn’t think Lesnar is going anywhere that isn’t WWE.

Le Champion recently spoke with Gary Cassidy and was asked about his thoughts on the news that Lesnar’s contract with WWE expired and addressed the rumors of him potentially being linked to AEW. Jericho isn’t convinced that Lesnar’s contract running means that he’s going to be seriously exploring other options and given Lesnar’s history dealing with Vince McMahon, it’s likely that Lesnar’s next wrestling destination might just be a return to WWE.

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“Well the reason the rumors are only out there is because someone said free agent. I don’t think he’s a free agent at all. I think it would take so much money to pry him away from Vince McMahon on Brock’s end and then for Vince to approve that. Vince has two billion dollars in the bank. What are you going to spend on Brock Lesnar that Vince isn’t going to match. Vince and Brock have a strange love affair to begin with. Would Brock fit in AEW? Would Brock pay back his salary that you would pay him? Who’s to say. But I think UFC and AEW is just another one of those dances Brock likes to have where Brock’s contract expires. Vince lets it expire and then they kind of stay away from each other for a few months until the next Saudi Arabia show or the next show that has people in it or WrestleMania. I don’t think Brock is a free agent in that sense of that word. I just think he’s currently not under contract right now,” Jericho said.

Even if AEW were to seriously field offers to Lesnar, Jericho noted that his asking price might be way too much for the investment to be worth it.

“With the amount of money it would take to take him away from the world of WWE, it would be astronomical, Vince would never allow it and I don’t know if you can make that investment back or if it’s worth it for AEW at this point in time or UFC or any other company that isn’t WWE at this time,” Jericho said.

Jericho is facing Orange Cassidy at the All Out pay-per-view on September 5. The full interview can be seen at this link.

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